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Aug 28, 2020

Delvaux celebrates its heritage at Paris Bon Marché event honouring Belgium

Delvaux will host a comic-inspired pop-up stand at Paris’s renowned Bon Marché department store for its Belgium-focused event, ‘Il était une fois la Belgique’.

Every year, Le Bon Marché hosts an exhibition paying tribute to a specific country. This year, Belgium takes centre stage, with the comic strip in particular, taking the spotlight. The event will be a celebration of all things Belgian, from food and drink to culture to fashion. Belgium’s savoir-faire in design, the culinary arts and comic strips has long been appreciated by connoisseurs, but is increasingly being recognised internationally and will be honoured by the exclusive department store through a series of events this autumn.

Delvaux is delighted to participate at the event, being a Belgian luxury goods house that is the oldest in the world - older than the state of Belgium even - and purveyor to the Royal Court of Belgium since 1883.

For the occasion, Delvaux has partnered with the acclaimed Belgian cartoonist, Frédéric Seron, better known as Clarke. Born in Liège to artistic parents, he first started illustrating with Spirou, and has gone on to mastermind may creations since - Thérapies en vrac, Cosa Nostra, Urielle and Mister President among them.

For Delvaux’s pop-up stand and boutique space, Clarke has created original and humorous backdrops, detailing the history of la maison from its beginnings in 1829 to the present. With a typically Belgian sense of humour, his drawings depict key events in la maison’s trajectory, covering the registration of its first ever patent, the creation of the Brillant and the growth of Delvaux’s international prestige.

To honour Delvaux’s beginnings as a trunk-maker nearly 200 years ago, the pop-up stand will showcase vintage, never-before-seen suitcases from the archives. A selection of la maison’s most emblematic bags, the Brillant and Tempête, dating from 1958 and 1967 respectively, will be on display as well as its latest icons, the Pin and Cool Box.

Finally, visitors will be able to admire Clarke’s exceptional drawings on a series of limited edition Brillant MM’s and Mini’s. Customised with witty images created by Clarke himself, they will be on sale from the pop-up stand while an exclusive personalization service will offer clients the possibility of having their drawing of choice placed on a selection of smooth leather bags and certain accessories.

The Delvaux pop-up stand will run from 29 August to 18 October at Le Bon Marché, rue de Sèvres, 75007, Paris.