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Discover the Spring - Summer 2023 collection, now available online and in boutiques.

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Spring - Summer 2023

Spring - Summer 2023

Discover the collection
  • Lingot

    Alpina Calf New

    HK$ 35,600

    + 1 Colour

  • Lingot Small

    Alpina Calf New

    HK$ 31,400

    + 3 Colours

  • Pin Swing

    Taurillon Soft Exclusive

    HK$ 24,100

    + 3 Colours

  • Co-Pin

    Taurillon Soft

    HK$ 15,000

    + 2 Colours

  • Brillant PM

    Rodeo Calf

    HK$ 54,400
  • Cool Box Nano

    Taurillon Soft

    HK$ 20,900

    + 5 Colours

Since 1829

Founded in 1829, Delvaux is a truly Belgian brand. In fact, it was even born before the Kingdom of Belgium, which was only established one year later, in 1830.
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The ‘Livre d’Or’

Delvaux has a long and rich history. More than 3,000 handbag designs have been created since 1829. To this day, every new creation continues to be described, sketched and catalogued in Delvaux’s Golden Book, the 'Livre d’Or'.